Biometric kits make any space a registration office

Biometric registration kits have risen to meet complex identification and verification challenges. Discover how biometric kits are the identity management solution in any location.

Modular nature

Biometric kits take up a central position in the rollout of identification systems, border control, and law enforcement, thanks to their modular and compact nature. Multiple carefully designed components stored inside a rugged case transform any place into a biometric registration or verification office.   

Large-scale identification and verification projects such as voter registration and national registration require a flexible and reliable approach. Governments need equipment matching their requirements that is equally easy to use by operators. Clerks work long hours while registering citizens, asking for an ergonomically designed device that can easily move between locations.  

The portable enrolment and identification kits are amongst the fastest growing and most implemented biometric solutions for a good reason; any space can turn into an enrollment or verification office, even if there is no electricity or  internet access.  

High-quality components

Biometric quality influences the performance and reliability of the registration database. Maintaining a high level of biometric capture is key during enrollment projects. Having to enroll citizens for a second time can restrain budget and organisation. 

For example, fingerprint image quality can be influenced by the environment, incorrect use of the registration device, and the device’s quality. Our biometric registration kits are designed with the environment and user in mind and house high-quality components tailored to meet the highest standards.

Harnessing the power of biometrics

At Laxton, we work with governments to build civil registry databases and functional identity system Our solutions register everyone, even in the most remote areas. A biometric registration kit turns any space into a full-fledged biometric office, ready to enrol large numbers of people. The battery has at least twelve hours of operating time, making the kit perfect for use where there is no electricity. Governments have many components to choose from, ranging from fingerprint readers, iris/facial scanners, printers and signature pads.

Build an inclusive population register

A biometric registration kit allows governments to register their citizens in all areas. The enrolment process feels less intimidating for citizens as their biometrics are captured in their local environment. A foundational identity system is a critical national infrastructure and should be approached with the highest biometric capture and security standards. MOSIP is an open-source, open standards-based foundational identity platform helping governments put a scalable and secure digital ID in place by offering digital building blocks to design national ID systems based on local laws and decisions. Building an inclusive population register with the MOSIP Registration Kitis now easier than ever.

Registration office on the go

Our flagship registration kit turns any space into a biometric registration and verification office. The fit-for-purpose kit is designed to operate in remote areas without internet connectivity or electricity. Enrolling large numbers of people is possible thanks to rapid biometric capture and long battery life.

Strengthen Schengen Borders

Border management is a high priority for the European Union. The Schengen Zone allows free movement of people between the participating countries. Standardising checks at border control points will ensure that all countries in the Schengen Area that all will follow the same safety guidelines with regards to both entry and exit movements of all persons who enjoy the European Union’s right to free movement. Third-country nationals will be registered, and corresponding biometric data stored in a unified automated IT system.

The Schengen Zone has more than 1,800 land, air, and sea border crossing points. Without a fixed passenger flow or infrastructure, capturing biometrics is not an easy task. The EES Registration Kit allows border agents to quickly respond to arising needs at border points or use it at low-volume traffic places, like small airports.

A complete yet compact registration solution

An estimated 1 billion people worldwide lack proof of ID or access to a National ID scheme. In addition, many are without an ID that is safe, trusted, or useful. Lack of identification, and therefore verification, disadvantages both individuals and governments.

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that 3.4 billion people have some form of identification but are unable to use it in the digital world and miss out on economic growth opportunities. A paper-based document might not be sufficient to open a digital bank account. 

Biometric technology has taken up a central position in the rollout of identification systems in developing countries and has expanded the capabilities of existing ID programs. During the enrolment, determining a person’s identity is done by a biometric identification process.   

The first step is capturing multimodal biometric data, such as a facial image, fingerprint, and iris scan. This data can establish unique identities in large populations in seconds. Duplicate enrolments can be flagged and manually examined to ensure that people’s data entered the database only once. 

The rise of biometric voter registration and verification

An up-to-date registry is crucial for reducing fraud at the polls and creating the overall integrity of free and fair elections. However, it starts with the identification of eligible voters. 

Before election day, citizens should be able to enrol in the voters’ register. According to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, 35% of 130 surveyed countries capture fingerprints for their voter registration process. On the day of the polls, the captured data are compared against references stored on the voter’s roll, so the person can be securely verified and marked eligible to vote.

Creating these registrars can be an organisational challenge, especially in remote areas without internet or electricity. Technical skills are also not equal amongst all registration officers, and the enrolment process should be straightforward and ergonomic. 

Robust biometric voter registration kits are ideal for registering large numbers of people as the devices are integrated into a safe and easy case to transport. A user-friendly system will mean that a registration officer can operate the equipment with basic training.

Africans in line for biometric capture

How biometrics empowers border control and law enforcement agencies

Movement between countries is ever-increasing and identification checks are essential to ensure public safety. Border guards and law enforcement personnel are continuously challenged to reduce staff and boost rapid identification and verification tasks.   

Empowering law enforcement

Biometric technology empowers law enforcement agencies to perform background checks, identification in the field, and during extensive investigations. Our user-friendly solutions have the needs of those who put public security at the forefront. Accurate and secure authentication and verification on the go is a combination of many vital requirements for those in the security industry. 

Meet your project requirements

Every project is unique. Biometric kits are the ultimate pick and mix, combining all the components required to enrol and register large numbers of people in any environment. Our kits provide mobility, speed, and efficiency. 


Rugged, ergonomic case

Compact and robust, the biometric registration kit is safe to transport and comes with a rugged design, is waterproof to IP67 standards, and withstands a drop-test. The kit and its components are ergonomically tested and can be used off- and online with an operating time of 12 hours.


Customisable hardware

Every solution is tailored for the task ahead, thanks to the modular nature of the kit. Every peripheral device is neatly organised and ready to use. The case can contain, but is not limited to, an iris scanner, barcode reader, fingerprint scanner, laptop, and signature pad.


In-house design and manufacturing

Our experienced team will design and manufacture all required components to meet the project requirements. Our production facility has the capacity to quickly deliver large quantities of hardware and software systems anywhere in the world.

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