Battery Management System

Embedded software specific security features
Ambient temperature monitoring system with automatic fan to increase airflow
USB connection to laptop providing feedback on power status on LED monitor
High quality power management system was designed to deliver an energy efficient solution
60Ah Battery life is between ~10 - 12 hours of autonomous use (depending on components within the kit)
Aluminium battery case reduces overall weight, can be combined with cooling system to reduce battery temperature
Convert and distribute the voltage and current, intelligently identify components’ usage status, adjust current distribution automatically
The BMS allows the kits to be powered by mains, generator, solar, and car charger
The BMS incorporates a solar solution with a specially selected solar panel.
The charge time for the battery is 6 hours on mains and in ideal solar conditions
Lightweight aluminum battery case
Multiple Battery capacity 20ah / 40ah / 60ah
Firmware updated through laptop software
Temperature monitoring and current control to maximize charge cycles (min. 350 cycles)
Build in ambient temperature monitoring system
LCD display for charge and power system status
USB connection to laptop providing feedback
Embedded software specific security features
Charge time is 6 hours on mains and solar (in ideal conditions)
97% regulator efficiency resulting in a reduction of heat generation
Up to 96% battery charging efficiency reducing power wastage
Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) that allows for solar panels to operate at their optimum power output for battery charging and kit operation
Power Management
The system has the ability to control power output in order to extend usage life
The system is designed to save energy and prioritise the use of external power.
The system priorities the charging of peripherals (laptop, printer, camera) when in use
Enrolment kit is ready for operational use with any external power supply even when battery is fully depleted
Input Source
Charger Algorithm
Source Detection
Voltage Measurement
Battery Chemistry
Lithium – ion
Battery Nominal Voltage
Battery Replaceable
Battery NTC
Yes – 10KΩ
Battery Capacity
20Ah at 11.1V DC (60Ah at 3.7V DC)
Battery Protection
Yes – Low Voltage Disconnect
Output Laptop Voltage
19.5 ~ 19.8V DC
Output Laptop Current
Output Printer
Charge Indication
Status LEDs
System Status + Charge
LCD Display
PCB Dimensions (L X W)
181 x 90.5mm