Presales Consultant

EMEA, Remote


The Pre-Sales Consultant role is focused on technical presales, sales success and customer/partner support for the main pillars (Citizen Identity, Security, Elections, Travel) in the EMEA region. The candidate must be fully fluent in English & French. The position is for EU nationals/residents who have the right technical background in biometrics identity and security products and solutions and are looking for a challenging role in a fast paced organization. We are open to remote positions in EU region and other locations based on the skills and capabilities of the candidate.


The Job Role is focused on the following:

  1. Customers and Partners

    1. Ability to travel to and remotely interact with customers in potential and current sales


    2. Ability to offer technical support and guidance to the sales organization in opportunities and

      interactions with customers and partners

    3. Assisting with training of partners and customers on the Laxton and Chameleon products

      and offerings

    4. Reducing the length of the sales cycle by providing clarity and responsiveness to

      stakeholder questions

    5. Articulating the technology and product positioning to business and technical audiences

    6. Working side by side with the sales team (agents, account managers and channels) applying

      his know-how and expertise to explain the benefits and differentiators of the company’s

      products, solutions and/or services to potential/current customers and partners

  2. Proposals and Tender Responses

    1. Supporting the sales team to generate a proposal or tender bid response that is technically accurate and in line with the products and services offered by the company

    2. Travelling to customers when needed to assist with site visits, demonstrations or proof of concepts (PoCs) required during the proposal phase of a project

    3. Preparing, collaborating with internal stakeholders and presenting presentations and related content or products to customers in order to support a proposal or tender bid response

  3. Solution Support

    1. To familiarize yourself with all products, solutions, and services offerings within the Laxton

      Group, so that you are in a knowledgeable position to support the sales team, customers

      and partners as needed

    2. To demonstrate clear knowledge of applicable press, laws, regulations, and guidelines within

      the respective industry to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and organizations,

      and to position the solutions in a manner of context (such as GDPR or EU-EES directives)

    3. To be fully familiarized with the internal processes of the Laxton Group, to support your

      customers and partners accordingly

    4. To focus on the breadth of existing solutions and products offered by Laxton and to

      incorporate new solutions and products released to the market, specifically applicable to:

      1. Citizen Identity Solutions and all related systems or integration requirements on a

        hardware, software and services level.

      2. Security Solutions including, but not limited to, on Law Enforcement and Border


      3. Travel Solutions, such as the EU-EES border management and control solutions

      4. Election Solutions including hardware, software, services, and consumables offerings.

      5. Product development activities for the Chameleon range

4. Internal support:

  1. Assessment of proposals and tenders and providing technical feedback on the response to

    the customer or partner.

  2. Supporting product management with information required from solutions obtained during

    customer interactions and other marketing activities.

  3. Supporting the research and development resources working on new products or solutions.

  4. Ability to assist with logistical challenges and assisting the operations team as needed.

  5. Interaction with the design, production and operational teams that support solutions offered

    by Laxton.

  6. Listening, understanding, gathering, and communicating stakeholder needs to ensure all

    proposals match requirements.

  7. Actively participating in the enhancement of presales related processes through

    collaboration with the presales team.

Additional tasks include:

  • Proactively sharing knowledge through the tools provided and updating content for consumption by the team members

  • Maintaining documents and internal technical assets

  • Proactively promote the Laxton Group both internally and externally

  • Proactively maintain partners with global reach for the broader benefit of the group



The competencies appropriate for the job role may depend on the specific territory. Key competencies should include:

  • Engaging presentation, public speaking, writing and articulation skills

  • Knowledge of the biometrics citizen identity and security industry, available solutions, markets,

    partners and competitors

  • The ability to work in a dynamic, global team, in a rapidly growing organization

  • The ability to communicate effectively and timeously while working in the office and remotely

  • The ability to be resourceful when crafting new solutions for customers

    Additionally, the job role requires:

  • Fully fluent English & French at speak, write, and read level

  • Additionally, have strong territory language abilities as first/second languages

  • While we are open to fully remote position in EU region, with regular visits in the HQ or customer


  • While the company promotes the use of technology to interact internally, as well as with customers

    and partners where possible, it is understood that this role will also require regular travel to build and maintain relationships and progress opportunities.


    The Job Role requires:

    • Minimum of 5 years of technical presales and/or delivery/project/program/product management experience in a technology company

    • Involved in the sales life cycle and implementation of at least two projects

    • Minimum of four years of industry experience in at least two of the following fields:

      • Citizen Identity • Border Control • Travel
      • Elections

      • Security (i.e. law enforcement etc.)

    • References in the involvement of successful project / product implementations

    • Ability to interact with team members, customers and partners on a deep technical level

    • A solid technical understanding of the types of solutions offered by the Laxton Group

Hands-on experience with hardware and software solutions applicable to the biometric and identity



  • Must be conveniently located in the EMEA territory
  • Must have up to date passport and be willing to travel
  • Must be an EU citizen or have a valid residency permit
  • Willing to work flexibly, i.e. overtime/weekends in lieu of off days or additional leave