Product Owner

Lisbon, Portugal

The Product Owner is focused on leading definition of Products.

Part of Product Portfolio team , his role is focused on defining the needs in relation with products he’s in charge of with the different engineering teams.

High level functions of the role are:

  1. Gather and understand product needs within the Product Definition and presales and turning those needs into requirements and design for the R&D teams;
  2. Drive the different R&D teams
  3. Lead evaluations of technologies and concepts, provides recommendations on decisions to be taken accordingly, being in touch with hardware and software engineering organizations.
  4. Lead and realize proof of concepts ahead of time to test and showcase the user experience before the product be developed; and
  5. Ad-hoc support, notably to pre-sale in defining the right design for specific customers.



The Job Role is focused on the following:

  1. Products definition
  2. Participate in regular meetings with Business Segment managers and Sales organization to capture the key needs to be taken into account by R&D.
  3. Be curious and aware about hardware products delivered by Laxton and integrate them as part of the full solution design
  4. Propose improvements and innovation on the hardware products
  5. Creation of a strong technology and innovation knowledge base which is easily shared
  6. Assist in growing technical and functional knowledge through constant interactions with other team members in the company as well as through sharing on a regular basis information about products and technologies
  7. Evaluations of technologies & concepts
  8. Be aware of new technologies which could apply to our product portfolio, by following market trends and innovation in technologies
  9. Lead evaluation of technologies with external service providers by hosting meetings with them and representing the company on a technical and UX standpoint.
  10. Provide recommendations on technologies or solution to be used as part of the product portfolio
  11. Work on prototypes at early stages in the product development lifecycle, so as to evaluate feasibility, efforts, risks and usability
  12. Design and test concepts as part of market disruptives solutions evaluations
  13. Realization of usable Proof of concepts
  14. Lead design and development of proof of concepts (POCs)
  15. Leverage as much as possible on the existing products of the company or its partners
  16. Make sure the objectives and requirements defined by internal customers are reached
  17. Organize regular demos and reviews with the internal customers and the management team
  18. Make sure that transfer of a successful POC can happen in the best way with maximum of reuse
  19. Take part to in customer events from time-to-time to ensure company technical expertise is out in the market and known to our customer base
  20. Ad-hoc internal support
  21. Assessment of proposals and tenders and providing feedbacks on the response to the customer or partner
  22. Assist or lead in presentation of POC for customers following management priorities approval remotely or in show case center.
  23. Support the hardware design team to deliver the best combined Hardware /Software user experience

Additional tasks include:

  • Proactively sharing knowledge through the tools provided and updating content for consumption by the team members
  • Maintaining documents and internal technical assets
  • Proactively promote Laxton Group both internally and externally
  • Proactively maintain partners with global reach for the broader benefit of the group



Key competencies should include:

  • Multi-skills, multi-tasks experience
  • Scrum and agile processes
  • Working and managing remote teams
  • Clear communication skills, both in oral and written format
  • The ability to work in a dynamic, global team, in a rapidly growing organization
  • The ability to communicate effectively and timelessly while working in the office and remotely

Additionally, the job role requires:

  • Fully fluent in English (spoken and written)
  • Engaging presentation, public speaking, writing and articulation skills
  • The ability to be resourceful when crafting new solutions for customers
  • Combine both capacities to work remotely and work in the office when necessary
  • While the company promotes the use of technology to interact internally, as well as with customers and partners where possible, it is understood that this role also may require to travel to showcase and get the prospects engagement.



The Job Role requires:

  • Minimum of five years’ experience in software development
  • Having worked and managed teams abroad
  • Experience of a minimum of 5 years in one of the following markets:
  • Citizen Identity including National ID and e-Passports
  • Border Control including Passport Control and Immigration
  • Elections including Voter Registration and Voter Verification
  • Biometrics including fingerprint, face and iris
  • Security (i.e. law enforcement, military, border control, etc.)
  • Ability to interact with team members, customers and partners on a deep technical level
  • solid technical understanding of the types of solutions offered by Laxton Group
  • Hands-on experience with hardware and software solutions applicable to the biometric and identity industries


  • Must be conveniently located in the Europe territory (remote with base office in Lisbon)
  • Must be able and willing to travel to European R&D offices as required
  • Must have up to date passport and be willing to travel
  • Must be an EU citizen or have a valid residency permit
  • Willing to work flexibly
  • Pragmatic approach: efforts made for customer value