From solution design to in-country support



Prior to project execution, Laxton deploys a project management team to the country to meet and work closely with the government and other stakeholders to map out in-country project deliverables. This includes, but is not limited to, assessing the existing infrastructure, human resource requirements, and the level of support needed at every step. Our bespoke approach to every identity solution encompasses a team of seasoned professionals that can quickly move from system design, hardware and software engineering to rapid prototyping, mass production, and final project implementation in-country.

Professional Services

Operator and Technician Training

Our team of experts will train system users and technicians on every aspect of operating and maintaining the technology solutions.

Equipment operators are given hands-on training with the identity system created for the project delivery to ensure a secure, accurate, and seamless process on the day.

Permanent skills transfer takes place wherever we deliver a project. Local technicians are trained to troubleshoot any issues with the equipment when in use, replace spare parts and maintain the hardware long after the initial project has ended.


In-country Logistics

Laxton will arrange and coordinate the receipt, delivery, and distribution of equipment to its end destinations.

The Laxton implementation team will identify and set up a central warehouse where all products are received, checked, and re-packaged. Once the final biometric kits are ready for use, they are then delivered to the final locations.

Technical Support

A technical specialist remains in the country to provide software and hardware support throughout the duration of the project.

While being on standby to deliver technical support, these Laxton product experts also oversee and train local technicians for a smooth handover once the team exits the country.

Nov 09, 2017

Ongoing Software and Data Management

The custom software and the data gathered are securely managed, verified, and stored.

Once in use, Laxton ensures that the custom software is performing optimally and without any breaches. We also assist with data consolidation and advise on best practices for storing this sensitive information securely.

Nov 09, 2017

Project Implementation

The Laxton team on the ground ensures every aspect of the project plan is implemented on time and within budget.   

We listen to what governments need and work closely with them to mitigate every risk and tick every box. When success is your only option, our agile teams work tirelessly to make that outcome.

Nov 09, 2017