EES Registration Kit

EES Registration Kit A mobile, EES-compliant registration office High-quality identityregistration and verification Millions of Third-Country Nationals cross the borders of the Schengen Area each year. The EU Entry-Exit System enables border agencies to access information and process travelers in a centralised manner. The EES Registration Kit allows border agents to quickly respond to arising needs […]

MOSIP Registration Kit

MOSIP Registration Kit A MOSIP-compliant, biometric registration kit. Go Anywhere Register Everyone! A foundational identity system is critical to national infrastructure. Building one is now easier than ever with the MOSIP-compliant identity registration and verification kit. MOSIP is an open-source, open standards-based foundational identity platform to help governments put a scalable and secure digital ID […]

Flagship Registration Kit

Flagship Registration Kit A full-fledged identity registration and verification kit Go Anywhere Register Everyone! Turn any space into a biometric registration and verification office, and start registering large groups of people instantly. The device and accessories are built to operate in the harshest environments, without internet or electricity. Flagship Registration Kit For registering large groups […]