Zimbabwe runs transparent National Election with biometric Voter Enrolment & Verification System

4,8 million

verified voters cast their ballots in Zimbabwe


Biometric Registration Kits


Voter Turnout

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) aimed to enhance the credibility of its General Elections by transitioning from a traditional paper-based Voters’ Roll to a state-of-the-art biometric database. Using customised biometric enrolment kits, the ZEC ensured that all eligible voters could register for the 2018 General Elections. A verified Voters’ Roll containing 5,6 million voters led to the highest voter turnout since the country transitioned to democracy.


Solution: Elections
Country: Zimbabwe
Year: 2018
Population: 15.05 million
Eligible Voters: 5.6 million

Case Study Content

  • In-country Election Management
  • Identity enrolment in all conditions
  • Secure identity software
  • Voter enrolment in a few simple steps
  • ZEC’s goals reached