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Laxton partners with governments and organizations globally to provide proprietary hardware and software solutions for Elections, Citizen Identity, Border Security & Law Enforcement.

Trusted by over 300 government bodies around the world.

250 million+ people biometrically registered in over 60 countries.
Broad technology Portfolio Design & manufacturing of hardware and software.
Management System
We assist governments worldwide in implementing legal identity systems, including creating civil registers, registering citizens, issuing ID cards, and verifying citizens for various transactions.
  • Identity Management System
  • Biometric enrolment
  • Biometric verification
  • ID cards


First National ID-card

Management System
We provide comprehensive support to governments worldwide, from initial planning to final wrapup, to ensure the successful organization and conduct of elections.
  • Election Management System
  • Election planning
  • Voter management
  • Voter registration
  • Voter verification
  • Results management


Municipal & National Elections

Border Security &
Law Enforcement
Management System
An advanced Identity Management System that strengthens border security and streamlines the process of crossing borders by air, land, and sea.
  • Border Management System
  • Secure document authentication
  • Law enforcement solutions
  • Multi-modal verification
  • Rugged biometric devices


AFIS Security Solution

“The freshly-compiled voters’ register by the Electoral Commission is arguably the most credible voter register in Ghana’s history.”


President of Ghana



Nations become stronger and safer if they have a robust National Identity System. If implemented correctly, a customised solution will lower costs, streamline transactions between government and citizens, and enhances physical security. We are dedicated to implementing best-in-class Identity Systems for nations worldwide. 



A strong National Identity System is crucial for the strength and safety of nations. When implemented correctly, a tailored solution can reduce costs, simplify interactions between government and citizens, and improve physical security. Laxton is committed to implementing top-of-the-line Identity Systems for nations worldwide.


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