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Laxton partners with governments and organisations globally to provide proprietary hardware and software systems for Elections, Citizen Identity, Border Security & Law Enforcement.

Trusted by over 300 government bodies around the world.
300 million+ people biometrically registered in over 60 countries.
Broad technology Portfolio Design & manufacturing of hardware and software.
“The freshly-compiled voters’ register by the Electoral Commission is arguably the most credible voter register in Ghana’s history.”

President of Ghana


Management System

We specialise in helping governments worldwide establish secure and efficient Identity Management Systems, including biometric enrolment, verification, and ID card issuance. 

Our biometric solutions use cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy and security when registering citizens and verifying their identities for various transactions. Whether it’s creating civil registers, issuing ID cards, or providing biometric enrolment services, our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each country and its citizens. 

With our years of experience and expertise, we ensure that the identity management systems we implement are reliable, scalable, and designed to handle the demands of modern-day transactions.


First National ID-card


Management System

Laxton offers end-to-end support to governments worldwide to ensure the successful organization and conduct of elections.

Our comprehensive Election Management System includes everything from initial planning to final wrap-up. Our experienced team is equipped to handle election planning, voter management, registration, verification, and results management.

We understand the unique challenges of election management and offer tailored solutions that are secure, reliable, and scalable. With our cutting-edge technology and years of experience, we help governments achieve their electoral goals, ensure transparency, and maintain public trust.


Municipal & National Elections

Border Security &
Law Enforcement

Management System

Laxton’s Border Security & Law Enforcement Management System is designed to strengthen border security and streamline the process of crossing borders by air, land, and sea.

Our Border Management Solution authenticates documents to prevent fraud and offers tailored law enforcement solutions to prevent criminal activity.

To accurately identify travellers, our multi-modal verification includes facial and iris recognition, fingerprint scanning, and rugged biometric devices.

Our secure, reliable, and scalable solutions leverage cutting-edge technology and years of experience to support governments in enhancing border security and streamlining border crossings.


AFIS Security Solution


At Laxton, we believe that a strong National Identity System is crucial for the strength and safety of nations. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that incorporate biometric technology to help reduce costs, simplify interactions between government and citizens, and improve physical security.

Our mission is to implement top-of-the-line Identity Systems for nations worldwide, delivering secure, reliable, and scalable solutions that meet the unique needs of each country and its citizens. By leveraging cutting-edge biometric technology and years of experience, we help governments establish robust National Identity Systems that serve their citizens and support their development goals.

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