Laxton supports governments and organisations around the world in the Election, Citizen Identity, Border Security & Law Enforcement fields.

Our solutions include proprietary hardware and software systems to register and verify citizens for various purposes, from voter registration to border control. 

Over the years, Laxton has developed a team of experts to successfully build, implement and service nationwide identity systems, making Laxton a trusted Identity Solutions provider.

Founded in 2004

Broad Technology Portfolio

Global Reach

Laxton delivers biometric identity registration and verification devices, customised software systems, and in-country project management services. Our solutions are aligned with industry organisations like MOSIP and OSIA, guaranteeing technologies designed to international standards.

Citizen Identity

We work with governments to build digital civil registries with solutions to register ALL citizens, even in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

• ID management system
• Biometric enrollment
• Biometric verification
• Identity cards


From initial planning to final wrap-up, we assist with successful elections.

• Election planning
• Voter management
• Voter registration
• Voter verification
• Results management

Border Security

We offer a range of people-centered solutions for border control, law enforcement and security.

• Secure document authentication
• Multi-modal verification
• Rugged biometric devices
• Law enforcement solutions
• Border management solutions

Laxton Partners


Partner Programmes

Sales, technology and support


Project management and technical support



Laxton partners provide focused expertise with comprehensive in-country customer support. Our services include warranty and hardware management, project management, and technical training. When success is the only option, our specialists deliver projects on time and within budget.

Company Profile




Lyle C. Laxton

Chief Executive Officer

Warren Dingwall

Chief Financial Officer

Hennie Meeding

Chief Technology Officer

Justin Uren

Chief Human Capital Officer

Nick Perkins

Chief Sales Officer

Darren Lal

President AMERICAS

Rocky Hattingh

President China Operations

Anton Oosthuizen

VP Engineering

Johan van Vuuren

VP Industrial Design

Nikita Kolesnev

VP Partner Sales

Martijn Baas

VP Marketing & Communications

Barry Jacobs

VP Software

Ujjwal Sabharwal

VP Presales

Rowan Thomas

VP Sales Operations

Etienne Basson

VP Bid Office