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Laxton delivers end-to-end solutions in the Election, Citizen Identity and Security fields. Our solutions include thoughtful, self-designed equipment and software to register and verify citizens. The seamless integration of our devices and software ensures an excellent user experience.

By listening to our partner’s specific needs and challenges, we have built a team of industry-leading experts to implement and service our solutions in challenging environments successfully. 

As a result, Laxton has become a reliable global provider of Election, Citizen Identity and Security solutions. We’re there for our customers from the start to finish of every project and long after.

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We offer end-to-end solutions for Elections, Citizen Identity and Border Security. Our custom solutions are robust, cost-effective and provide unparalleled user experiences.

Sales Partner

Gain access to useful sales-focused information and material. The level of support you receive depends on various factors such as your commitment and the extent to which Laxton solutions are integrated into your offering.

A sales partnership is aimed at:

• Resellers
• Distributors
• System Integrators
• Referral Agents

Pre-sales Partner

This type of partnership includes tailored programmes. The level of support is based on the solutions required and partner commitment level. We have the tools to assist.

A pre-sales partnership targets:

• Technology Partners

• Independent Software Vendors

• Subject Matter Experts

Media Partner

As a media partner we build a collaboration that aligns with your offering and brand. While campaigns may differ in size, region and strategy, the focus is always on a win/win result for everyone involved.

This type of partnership targets:

• Marketing and Media Teams
• Design Teams
• Special Events/Tradeshow Leads
• Thought Leadership Programme Leads

Listening to the needs of our partners

The resources you need

Whether you are a reseller, distributor, system integrator, referral agent or end-user, we’ve considered your needs. This ensures you receive relevant resources and information. You will also be connected with a personal Laxton Consultant to ensure you’re always heard.

You’ll gain access to different Laxton programmes. The level of support depends on factors such as your commitments and the extent to which our solutions are integrated into your offering.

Preferential pricing

Incentives based on partner level

Product Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laxton welcomes partnerships with companies with a solid technical background and experience in the distribution of registration or verification biometric solutions. If your focus is on elections, identity and law enforcement verticals, join forces with Laxton to develop existing and new markets with an experienced industry player.

By joining Laxton’s Partner Programme your company receives tools to grow your business and increase revenues. You will also be part of a professional network of Laxton partners globally, with access to the best business practices, the newest products and technologies. As a partner you receive a number of key benefits, including including:

  • Discounted prices for Laxton products and services
  • Dedicated technical support services
  • Specific sales and marketing support
  • As well as many other important incentives
  1. Reseller – minimum commitment and obligations in product marketing and promotion, support and maintenance, nevertheless. There is still to access deal registration process, enjoy discounted prices and preferential communication.
  2. Distributor – maximum commitment to product marketing and promotion, support and maintenance, access to the deal registration process, preferential communication and the best prices.
  3. System integrator / Value added reseller – strategic project partners who use Laxton products/solutions for integration in complex biometric systems to end-users, enjoy special prices and designated contact person for preferred communication.
  4. Referral agent – an individual or a company provide leads to projects/contacts and collaborate to win contracts.

Complete the partner registration form and we will contact you to determine the role of your company and appropriate level of collaboration.

Partner programme participation is free of charge, but we expect commitment from our partners to develop mutually beneficial business. In turn, Laxton will provide reliable support in marketing, sales and informative materials. This includes training and vital knowledge sharing.

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